FAME Heathers Production Team

Heathers Production Team

Gina Marie Byars.

Gina Marie Byars


Gina is our amazing director. She's so talented in bringing characters alive in all dimensions. She's directed many shows, sharing theater with kids of all ages. No matter what, with Gina, the hard work of theater it is ALWAYS fun and enriching!


Bruce Hungate

Music Director

Bruce helps FAME with music, including poking out vocal lines on the piano. He studied classical music theory and piano at university, and sang Medieval and Renaissance music. Broadway musicals strike him as extremely modern, and he is increasingly enthralled.


Jane Marks


Jane keeps everyone organized, moving forward, and focused on the big picture! Whether as scientist, communicator, fundraiser, marketer, ceramicist, or Mom, Jane is a people-person. She loves drama, music, and art, so is perfect to manage FAME.

Sonja London-Hall

Sonja London-Hall

Assistant Music Director

Sonja was born in the small and now defunct Arizona mining town of Ray, AZ.  At a very young age her art took the form of music, dance, and performance.  She was an outstanding musician which awarded her a full scholarship to attend Arizona State University, School of Music.  Her undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and performance with English and technology as a minor.   Sonja has been involved in education for 35 years in music, science, adult education, theatre, administration, and ELL instruction.  She achieved two masters’ degrees from Northern Arizona University and is certified Arizona k-12 education and Educational Leadership.   She currently teaches at Northland Preparatory Academy where she developed the theatre arts class and conducts five bands, grades 6 – 12. In addition to music her art is prominent in the SW Region, City of Flagstaff, and National Art Glass publications.

“I could not be happier to share in this production of Heathers.   To be part of such an outstanding group of people with FAME and everyone behind the scenes is a true honor. I could not be happier to support this group and their efforts for the Flagstaff community.”


Sara Ryan-Bendell

Music Director

Everyone in Flagstaff who knows music knows and loves Miss Sara Ryan, who teaches music all over town. She's an amazing violinist, and plays in the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra. She keeps us in time, on pitch, and with expression!



Crystal Rogers


Crystal knows movement and how it expresses, and she has a gift for drawing the moves from all the FAME cast. When Crystal studied choreography at ASU, she designed all the moves for a production of Chicago!

Egle Rucci Photo

Egle Rucci


Egle maintains her lifelong passion for musical theatre thanks to FAME. Trained in classical ballet from the age of 5. She has extensive theater and entertainment knowledge having studied this in college. Throughout the years she learned Dance styles all over the World. She has acted, directed, produced and choreographed several plays in Costa Rica and US.  Egle always focuses on technique having being taught that by all of her past teachers including teachings from the Bolshoi Ballet. She brings style, substance, and tons of energy to her work with FAME

Casey Garcia

Casey Garcia

Assistant of Choreography

Casey has been working in musical theater for fifteen years, but only in the last few as a choreographer. Her work includes pieces from Mary Poppins, The Lion King, Mulan, The Little Mermaid, and most recently, Seussical. She has taken extensive ballroom dancing classes, as well as tap and aerial silks, and has learned jazz, modern, and hip hop along the way. She is very thankful and excited to be working on Heathers.