FAME Meet the Cast

Meet the Cast

See below for our amazing, talented, inspiring, and fun cast of characters


Abby Glazer

as ensemble member. Abby is so excited to be a part of Chicago. Acting and singing are some of her favorite things to do. This is her first time dancing ever! She has been playing piano since she was 5 years old. She thanks every single cast and crew member for always helping her.


Andrea Lopez

as ensemble member. Andrea is a recent graduate from Northland Preparatory Academy who will be attending NAU. Her past roles include the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, the Narrator in She Kills Monsters, and Rosalia in West Side Story. Andrea would like to thank her friends Maia and Melanie for inspiring and encouraging her to get involved in community theater, and her dice for helping her make the big decisions.


Aspen Cosner

as Mona. Aspen is a junior at FALA. She is first and foremost a dancer and has been dancing for thirteen years with productions at Canyon Dance and FALA. However, she loves musical theatre and wanted to try something new and be a part of the community. She would like to thank the cast and crew for making this show possible, and to Nona for “strongly encouraging” Aspen to be a part of this show.


Austin Rae

as Billy Flynn. Austin Rae is a sophomore at BASIS Flagstaff.  He has performed for most of his life in short films, on stage, and in TV commercials.  He loves performing vocals and piano. All this performing has led to a great gift--his second family--his theater family--a family of dozens!  He would like to give thanks to Gina, Joe and Kenlynn who have guided him from the beginning, Mike for giving me his first lead stage role, and FAME for opening your hearts and creative spirits to Flagstaff Youth.


Aviel Fitch

as Harry. Avi enjoys little more than the thrill of theatre. He has been performing since age 11 in The Wizard of Oz with the Woodland Theatre Company. Fitch enjoys theatre above all else, in it finding the passion that will fuel his life, onwards after high school and into the workplace. Fitch has been a part of Sense and Sensibility, where he played Robert Ferras, Peter and Wendy, where played Peter Pan, and Self comes to Mind, where had  many roles, including Bricky the Brick. Fitch would like to thank his parents, for their incredible support, and his friends, who push him to work harder.


Charlie Spencer

as Amos Hart. Charlie is a junior at FALA. He has been doing theatre for the majority of his life. He has appeared in many roles, including: Hook in Peter and Wendy, John Whilouby in Sense and Sensibility, and Brett in 13. He would like to thank his teachers, his girlfriend, his friends, his family, and everyone who has supported him in his theatre career.


Christopher Clark

as ensemble member. Christopher is a junior at FALA. Chicago is his first show ever and, despite his stage fright, is very excited that his friends pressured him into being in the show because “everyone was doing it.” Christopher is, above all else, a videogame nerd, and spends a majority of his time playing or talking about videogames. He would like to thank his brother for looking more like Where’s Waldo than he does, and he would like to thank his castmates for letting him pick up some lines with and without braces.


Dermot Louchart

as Master of Ceremonies, and Mr. Harrison. Dermot is a 16-year-old Junior at Flagstaff High School. He has been most recently seen on the stage as Gomez Addams in The Addams Family, Chuck Biggs in She Kills Monsters, and The Dashingly Handsome Sir Dennis Galahad in Spamalot, among others. He aspires to be Christian Borle someday. Dermot would like to thank his wonderfully supportive friends and cast for being so spectacular and fun to work with. He'd also like to give a shout out to his parents for giving him rides all over town.


Isaac Godwin



as the judge. I am a senior (Wow!) at Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy. I have had the honor of being in shows like Rocky Horror Picture Show, Phantom Toll Booth, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and 13! I am incredibly excited to be a part of FAME's debut, and can't wait for the incredible productions to come.


Isabella Garcia

as Matron Mama Morton. Isabella is a senior at BASIS Flagstaff. She is very excited to embark on this journey in the inaugural production of FAME. Her other roles include the Minstrel in Spamalot, herself in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged, revised) and Francesca in West Side Story. She would like to thank the cast and wonderful directors for putting up with her and allowing her to learn and grow. She would also like to thank her family and friends for always supporting her. Finally, she’d like to thank Joe Biden and Barack Obama both for looking really cool in sunglasses and for being the brilliant civil servants she one day desires to become. She dedicates her performance to the person reading this, for supporting local theater and for looking really nice today.


Johanna Weiss

as Mary Sunshine. Johanna is a senior at Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy. She has done theater her whole life and is extremely passionate about it. Her previous roles include Magenta in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Graziella in West Side Story, and Anne in Cheaper by The Dozen. She would like to thank the cast and production team and give them a roaring round of applause for kicking off a new theater company with such a challenging production. She has always wanted to be in Chicago and is extremely grateful to everyone for helping make it happen. She would like to thank her parents for always supporting her, and her castmates for making this show a blast to be a part of.


Jonathan Clark

as Juror Number 1. Jonathan is a junior at FALA. Unlike his brother, he is very active in theatre at FALA and has done community theatre with other companies in the past. His most recent roles include Adolf Eichmann in On Thinking, various roles in Middletown and FALA’s Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, and Sir Bedivere in Spamalot. He would like to thank his fellow castmates and the crew for making this show fun and possible. He would also like to thank his hat for always being there for him, his glasses for showing him the world, and his hair gel for supporting him.


Kayden Openshaw

as June. Kayden will be going into 9th grade at NPA and has been doing theater for about 10 years, and dancing for about 3 years at Canyon Dance Academy. In her very little spare time, she likes hiking and playing with her 2 dogs. She would like to thank her best friend Joy for being the most amazing human ever and making Kayden join Chicago. She is very excited to be working with FAME and can’t wait to continue acting with them.

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Macy Martinez

as Liz. Macy is a senior at Northland Preparatory Academy. This is her very first theater production, but Macy is not shy of performing. Since age two, she has studied many types of dance, and she  hopes to continue this passion well into the future. Between dancing and school, Macy spends her time either rollerskating with friends, binge-watching Frasier, or harassing her cat, Kitty. She would like to thank her lovely parents, friends, and Christine for supporting her, as well as the cast and crew for making this show unbelievably fun.


Melanie Santana-Propper

as Go-to-Hell Kitty. Melanie Santana-Propper is 19 and a sophomore at CCC. She has been in many show over the past few years. Her dream is to inspire and bring happiness to the world. In case she doesn’t get any Oscar, Tony, Emmy or SAG awards, she would like to thank her family and friends for their helpful support, the production team for casting her, and ... anyone else? No? Great! (If I have forgotten someone please don’t get mad)


Michal Swanson

as ensemble member. Michal was scar in the Lion King, Mulan in Mulan Jr. and a choreographer in The Little Mermaid. She loves theatre and has really enjoyed dancing and singing in this production.


Noah Bessler

as ensemble member. Noah is fifteen years old and a tenth grader at FALA. His past roles include Starlord in Romeo and Juliet, the small blond kid with the name that is hard to spell in Les Mis and the guy who gets killed by the bunny in Spamalot. Noah would like to thank his mother for driving him to and from rehearsal.


Nona Hungate

as Roxie Hart. Nona is a junior at BASIS Flagstaff. She has been involved with local and school theatre for nearly ten years now and it is one of the things she enjoys most. In the past, she has played Nala in The Lion King, and Babette in Beauty and the Beast. She also directed, choreographed, and was the music director for her school's production of 101 Dalmatians. She would like to thank her cast mates for pushing her and inspiring her to see the Roxie you are seeing on stage today.


Rosie Ryan

as Velma Kelly. Rosie is a senior at NPA and is 17 years old. She has been doing theater since she was teeny tiny. Her past roles include Babette in Beauty in the Beast, Maria in West Side Story, and Cosette in Les Miserables. She would like to thank her mom for devoting so much of her time to teaching a bunch of teenagers. She is dedicating her performance to Mrs.Wilkins, who she hopes would be proud of her singing in this production and would laugh at all of the jokes.


Rumi Dovzak



as Sargeant Fogarty. I am a junior at Flagstaff High School and have previously been in Spamalot as Lancelot, and West Side Story as Diesel. I am excited to be in FAME's debut show and grateful to be working alongside my talented cast mates. 


Sascha Parafinuik

as ensemble member. Sascha is a Sophomore at Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy. In his most recent productions Sascha has been Mother of Dennis in Spamalot and Farkus in A Christmas Story. He would like to thank all of the amazing and hard-working people in this show for everything that they have done and for just being great people overall.


Sophie Applin

as Annie. Sophie is a senior in high school at NPA. She is a dancer and this is her first musical.


Thea Mushro

as Hunyak. Thea is a junior at BASIS Flagstaff. She has just started doing community theater, but has long loved the arts such as, doing ballet since age 2, taking voice lessons, and being interested in many musical instruments. Some of her beginnings in theater were Simba in The Lion King and a Silly Girl in Beauty and the Beast. She is super excited for Chicago and especially thanks all the people who made this show possible and helped her be the Hunyak she always dreamed of being.


Veronica Beck

as ensemble member. Veronica is a Junior in high school and is homeschooled. She has previously been in shows like The Lion King, where was an ensemble member in West Side Story, where she was also an ensemble member. She would like to thank her parents for always supporting her in what she loves, and the amazing cast for just being such kind, wonderful people that she hopes to do shows with again in the future.


Zane Walden

as Fred Casely and featured dancer. Zane is a recent graduate of FALA, and is a theater phenomenon and sensation. His dancing brings the stage alive.