Who Chose Heathers?

Why are we doing Heathers? A play about murder, suicide, sex, drugs, bullying and school violence — what could go wrong? At FAME, students have input in deciding which shows we produce. Before choosing, the students meet to discuss possibilities and give us, the production team, their three top picks. They have input, but the […]

The Producers

A Note from the Production Team Nazi Germany was not funny.  Racism, sexism, homophobia: not funny.  Mel Brooks was one of the first Jewish entertainers to dare to make fun of Nazi Germany with the 1967 film, The Producers.  As a WWII veteran and a victim of antisemitism, Brooks was certainly not glorifying Hitler. Rather, […]

Why Chicago?

A Note from the Production Team “Adultery, corruption, treachery, greed, exploitation… Chicago!”, this musical invites you right in, as though drawn in by a promise of juicy gossip, witness to the misdeeds of others. Will those misdeeds be punished? Actually, no. Of all the cellblock tango prisoners, Hunyak is the only one who’s innocent, and yet […]